5 Favorite Health Apps for Your Phone

Nine whole days into 2018… I can’t believe it! We are already starting the second week. I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with my fitness and food goals. Added in vitamins and supplements that I felt helped with health concerns. I even took my first Bootcamp class and spent the next 48 hours on a foam roller. So far so good in my book!

This week I sat down and really re-assessed the health apps that were taking up space on my phone. What did I use? What did I need to get rid of? What apps worked best with my fitbit and apple watch? What is new for 2018? Below I listed 5 apps that are staying in my phone from 2017 and a few 2018 additions. I even included apps for the mamas, yoga for the little ones, an NFL app for running, and even a parent/kid personal trainer combo.

The only thing missing is you. Now get out there!

What health apps are you loving? It can be anything from recipes to grocery shopping, workouts, water trackers, cycling, even food journals. Share your favorites by commenting below!

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.19.40 PM
Photo Credit: Jonathan Smith

Favorite Workout App: Aaptiv

2,500+ Workouts; Running, meditation, yoga, weights, and HIIT (just to name a few).

Personalized Trainers offered in categories like High Intensity, Technical, and fun + supportive meaning you’ll find exactly the right kind of motivation needed.

The ability to work out anytime, anywhere with or without equipment.

No Search Bar

Cannot use your own music. Each workout has its own personal music mix.

$14.99 a month
$99.99 for a full year
$399.99 for a lifetime membership

Favorite Running App: Zombies Run +Zombies Run 5K

The ability to immerse yourself in a fun storyline where you survive by running to escape zombies.

The use of your own personal music playlist mixed with the zombie story to guide your workout.

Collect supplies and other items to defend your colony and build up the base.

200+ missions means very little time to be bored.

App offers free iCloud backup and a running tracker.

You now have to pay for a membership that use to be free.

Prices range from $1.99 to $24.99 for a pro membership

Favorite Food Tracker App: My Fitness Pal

This app has been around since the creation of the iPhone and for good reason, its database offers users 6 million types of food to track.

Best feature is the bar code scanner to make adding nutrition facts faster.

With the free upgrade you are able to sync favorite apps allowing workout and food data to freely be shared and recorded.

Success… real people have lost real pounds recording their food and exercise using My Fitness Pal.

Not always quick. I tend to use apps like My Fitness Pal for foods that don’t have bar codes or nutrition facts (i.e. fruits, veggies, meat) but find it faster to just write my food journal down on paper.

In App purchases to use all features can either be $9.99/month or $49.99/year

Favorite Sleep App: Sleep Pillow

Lots of Ambient sounds and mixes to put you right to sleep.

The ability to create your own sound mix. That’s 300,000 possible combinations!

High quality sounds offered with a sleep timer option up to 12 hrs.


Flat $2.99
Extra package add-ons $9.99 or $19.99

Favorite Water Tracker App: Plant Nanny

A fun way to keep track of your water. When you drink the plant does too, keeping it alive and healthy. Think of it like a water Tamagotchi.

Water goals can be set and reminders when it’s been too long.

Cute graphics.

Few options or opportunities to unlock personalization like special plants, pots, and backgrounds. If you want the freedom to choose you have to pay.

The sometimes glitch, usually happens at updates, and occasionally gets fixed quickly.

Little add-on costs for personalization if you want specific plants or planters

Apps You Should Check Out in 2018

Apps to help you choose the right foods:


Apps that make exercise a family affair:

Workouts for Parents + Kids: Sworkit  and Sworkit Kids
Yoga: Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine
Running:  NFL Play 60

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