The 3 Blogs You Should Follow in 2018

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I don’t know if you are like me but I feel like tackling eating healthy and living healthy is something I learn more about everyday. The information published on the internet and in bookstores, even apps on your phone… it is completely overwhelming. I by no means am anything close to a professional on nutrition nor exercise but I can tell you exactly where to look. This year I am using the daily knowledge shared by three ladies who are living their best healthy life. You’ll want to get to know Laura Lea, Virginia, and Amanda. They will teach you everything you need to know about food, health, workouts, and organizing.

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Here’s What I Know

Laura Lea @ The Balanced Life :
It took a morning full of boredom to start randomly shopping on Amazon. It’s these boredom driven shopping trips that upset my husband the most when he gets the bank statement, however, I had a small mission to find a cookbook with realistic healthy recipes. Realistic meaning I could actually find the ingredients since items like cauliflower rice is difficult to find in Germany. While killing time I found The Balanced Life cookbook, added it to my cart, and waited for it to arrive in the mail. From the moment I opened the front cover I found myself excited to read all about Laura Lea. She is a Nashville girl and a certified nutritionist with a passion for educating everyone on living a healthy life. So I quickly liked her instagram and bookmarked her blog. From that moment on I have zero regret.

Why should you follow her? She is so smart when it comes to fueling your body and motivated to the point that it starts to rub off on you. She takes instastories while on walks, shares what she eats in a day, tells you what adventures being a cookbook author has led her on (hello, she cooked for the Bush twins), plus lets face it, this girl could make a piece of cardboard look tasty. If you are interested in a healthier “food” life you definitely need to check out Laura Lea.

The Laura Lea Balanced Life Cookbook
LL Balanced Instagram

Virginia @ Your Life Edit :
I adore Virginia. She is the kind of girl that you just want to hug around the neck every time you see her and she’d probably let you being that she is also a Nashville resident (I’m just guessing on the hugging part). I love reading her blog and watching her instastories because she teaches us the hardest lesson to learn about healthy lifestyles; How to navigate the grocery store. Trader Joes or Walmart doesn’t matter because Virginia is all about sharing the good stuff. Not to mention from time to time she’ll throw on a great workout, recipe, mom tip, or a great life hack but the food part is my absolute favorite. The motto is all about living simply and in the moment, something I can definitely get behind.

Your Life Edit Instagram

Amanda @ AmandaFredrickson :
The only two words you need to know… Fridge Forging. I live for Amanda, who I am convinced is a magical wizard chef, and her fridge forging recipes. Not a Nashville resident isn’t the only thing that makes her a wild card on this list, she is also not really related to health but the meals she prepares are wholesome, clean, and even given with vegan/vegetarian alternatives. Whatever she whips up on her instastories from the random items in her fridge gets turned into recipes on her blog, never mind the beautiful food photography. If you are looking to strike a balance with your health and how you eat consider liking everything Amanda Fredrickson.

Amanda Fredrickson Instagram

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