Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Teen boys are about has difficult as men can be sometimes. The older my son gets the shorter his christmas wish lists become. This usually results in family members playing rounds of rock, paper, scissors over who is buying what. To keep harmony I have scoured the internet, read reviews, and asked other teen boys… what do you want for christmas? Below are the top 10 things covering teen boys who loved sports, the outdoors, gaming, and travel (just to name a few).

Not listed but requested this year were new iPhones, Nike and Adidas shoes with apparel, sports equipment for spring teams or winter snowboarding, watches, beats anything, over the door basketball hoops, and go pro cameras. With all these great ideas christmas shopping is going to be a piece of cake. Happy Shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 8.08.00 PM

1. Fun Baseball Hat: Name a Teen that doesn’t love wearable items with funny messages. My brother wore a t-shirt through all four years of high school that said “Why read when you can rent”. He even wore it in his senior pictures. If you know anything about great hat makers you know Goorin Bros, they have a line of fun trucker hats with patches that boast a picture of a donkey with the word bad or a sheep with the word black. I personally loved the bald eagle with the word “freedom”.

2. Bluetooth Wireless Ear Warmers: I have to admit, when I added these to my Amazon cart I felt like a pretty cool mama. Ear warmers with built-in headphones are everywhere this holiday season, so you are right on trend with a gift like this. Have a teen on your list who would love a tech present like this? Check out the 180s Blue Tooth Ear Warmer in black.

3. For the Sports Lover: Let’s talk about the sports obsessed Teen in your home. Give this Hoverball a try. Not only will it save your walls but you won’t have to yell to stop throwing and kicking a ball around constantly. So really its a gift that keeps on giving.

4. A Fun New System: Do you remember the days of 2D Mario on an original Nintendo? Now he is practically lifelike and that’s not all. Due to the new handheld feature on the Nintendo Switch the game doesn’t have to end! He can travel with it, never stopping the action. It’s like a Nintendo game system and a gameboy in one. Pair the Switch with a teen approved game like Super Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda, and Skyrim.

5. For the Outdoor Teen: Fishing, hunting, camping, away games, lock ins… this Teton Sports Sleeping Bag has been working overtime in our home. It’s practically become my son’s second backpack and he loves it. Know a teen like this on your list? I promise you can’t go wrong with this as a gift. Plus have you checked out that rating!

6. A Throw Back Game: Do you remember capture the flag as a kid? What if you could add fun lights to the equipment and make it a nighttime game? That’s what Capture the Flag Redux is. With 33 light up game pieces and the ability to play with 14+ friends at one time I’d say this is a great way to get your teen away from the electronics and out making memories.

7. When all Else Fails: Everyone has that teen on their list that loves to pick and choose their own gifts, that’s where a gift card to a favorite online store comes in. My son loves a good iTunes or Xbox gift card for apps, music, game upgrades, and even discounted games Microsoft might put on sale.

8. Childish Fun: Want a really good laugh at the expense of one unsuspecting family member or friend? You have to purchase the Hasbro Pie Face Game. Originally making its debut to kids in the 60’s this fun whip cream to the face game is making a comeback. There is now several versions like a Pie Face Duel where you hit the button as fast as possible to keep the whip cream out of your face and into your opponents. The best present to turn your teens and adults into a kids again, for hours of fun.

9. Hoodie: Just like the Men’s Gift Guide hoodies are the #1 wardrobe staple for all the guys in my family. For a teen you can’t go wrong with Abercrombie and Fitch, especially the Graphic Appliqué Pullover. It screams old school classic AF.

10. For the Adventure Seeker: If living in Europe has taught us anything its the importance of having the right bags for travel. The Montera Vintage Canvas Backpack is perfect with a luggage handle for carrying like a duffel and the option to use back straps to wear it like a traditional rucksack. Made out of heavy-duty canvas it can take a beating whether its being kicked under the seat in front or tossed in an overhead bin. Perfect for stuffing a weekends worth of clothes as well as designated pockets for electronics.

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