Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

Usually it seems the hardest person to shop for happens to be the man in your life. Husband, boyfriend, father, father in law, and brothers, seem to give us a small amount of anxiety as we scramble to look for the perfect gift. Step away from the ties, he doesn’t need another one this year! Now, don’t worry sweet girl I’ve gotcha’ covered. A little something for everyone; the Gamer, outdoorsman, adventure seeker, fashionable gent, grill master, plus so much more. Take a deep breath, feeling better? You are going to ROCK gift giving this year… I just know it. Now keep scrolling and start clicking to score some great finds! Happy Shopping! Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 6.24.49 PM

1. Travel Backpack: Have a military man on your list? Adventure seeker? Frequent work traveler? With tactical features the Eberlestock High Speed Pack will be your man’s best friend. After destroying an Oakley backpack from so much travel the past year, this item was high on his list.

2. Coffee to Go: Coffee? Yes please! Grab the Yeti 14oz. Insulated Rambler Mug earning the toughest most over engineered camping mug, as well as 4.9 out of 5 stars, he’ll be able to drink coffee at the office and carry it to all his outdoor sport activities.

3. Heated Socks: It took a night at a christmas market and another hunting pigs for my husband to beg me for a pair of heated socks. If you have a guy on your list who loves to play in cold weather add the ActionHeat Heated Wool Socks with Rechargeable Batteries under the tree this year. Promise he’ll love you for having warm feet!

4. Stylish Watch: I love to gift a fun, stylish, unique watch and this wood one from WeWOOD is perfect to elevate your man’s style on date night or while out with the guys. Plus its such a fun conversation starter.

5. For the Gamer Who Loves History: Does anyone else have a guy on their list that loves Xbox and history? Then this game, Call of Duty WWII, is screaming their name. I don’t know much about video games but what I can tell you is Call of Duty (COD) has been a long running franchise with many long time dedicated players. I know you can’t go wrong with this choice.

6. Shaving Essentials: Those who have beards understand maintenance is important. Dry skin happens and shaving or trimming is a must to keep its shape. Jack Black will make this grooming task more enjoyable. I really love the idea of The Grand Tour Collection where you can gift a set with all their products to achieve the perfect beard and skin while scoring a great travel bag in the process.

7. Bluetooth Key Locator: Have a forgetful guy on your list? This will save his 2018 for sure! Tile (Gen 2) is a slim tile that fits on key rings, in wallets, anywhere you need to locate a frequently forgotten item. These little tiles come in 1, 4, and 8 packs. Pick up the 8 pack to snag a couple for yourself.

8. Hoodie: The most worn item in my husband and teen sons closet, hands down, is the hoodie. Loungewear, the gym, to school, this is their most versatile warm top. I love the Reebok Elitage Grid Pullover for those Tall guys with a barrel chest on your list (like mine). For those guys who don’t need big and tall sizes check out the Kinetix Skyline Zip Henley at Nordstrom Rack!

9. Electric Fire Starter: Do you have a Grill Master on your list? Ever since we purchased our Monolith Grill this past spring hubby has been making at least one meal a week on it. Those that have anything equivalent to the Big Green Egg knows how long it can take to start a great fire. The Looftlighter Electric Firestarter cuts that time into mere seconds! No more 15 minute waits for the coals to get up to temperature. Definitely one of his most used grill tools.

10. The Most Used Gift: They say you should never talk about religion or politics in polite company but when you have a guy on your list who is into Government how can you say no? If they have libertarian or conservative views on politics get a yearly subscription to the Louder with Crowder Mug Club. It is the perfect gift for them! I purchased a yearly subscription for my husband on father’s day this year and somehow we both find ourselves tuning in daily to catch Steven Crowders videos. Discounted subscriptions for military, veterans, and students. Everyone who signs up scores a pretty sweet hand etched mug for under the tree.

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