Kitchen Beauty: Coconut Oil

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Let’s talk skin, better yet, let’s talk about my skin which has been a hot mess since moving to this much colder climate. Gone are the days of humidity and in are the long days of freezing temperatures and artificial heat. My regular shaving cream just wasn’t cutting it, nor my lotion. But I happen to have a few good friends who are into healthy beauty, their suggestion… Coconut Oil.

It wasn’t hard to read up on the benefits since coconut oil has been buzzing around the beauty community for some time. So, convinced, I went to my local commissary and ordered from Amazon in search of the perfect coconut oil to add into my beauty regime. Here’s what I thought and how I used it.

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My Review

I am not incredibly picky but I can say grabbing my shaving item from the grocery store shelves was a bit un-nerving. What if the oil makes me break out? What if I smell like a nasty coconut? What if it stains my clothes? Is something so cheap going to give great results? Here are my pros + cons:

Pro: Coconut Oil does such an amazing job of conditioning your skin that you don’t need to worry about cuts and so moisturizing that you don’t even need lotion afterwards. Killing two birds with one stone y’all!

Pro: No Smell. Seriously.

Pro: No skin breakouts. Guess that’s why people love using coconut oil to remove make-up too.

Pro: No oily stains. Zero. Which really surprised me. Just make double sure you rinsed off well after shaving.

Pro: Doesn’t gunk up your razor blade like shaving cream.

Pro: I’m in love! Hands down coconut oil gives you an extremely close shave. Probably one of the closest shaves I’ve had in a while and part of the reason why it was so easy to give up waxing my legs after moving to Europe.

Con: It can be a bit dangerous in the respect that your shower floor or tub will be a bit slick and greasy. Make sure to wash your tub and shower floor after every use. No one has time for nasty build up or a broken ankle.

Con: If you are going to be outside in intense sun I don’t suggest using coconut oil beforehand. You will fry crispier than Nashville Hot Chicken and skin cancer just isn’t cute. My suggestion is to shave the day before.

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The Benefits

Coconut oil is affordable and gives you more bang for your beauty buck.

Coconut oil is a huge time saver since you can shave and it pulls double duty as a moisturizer too.

Did you know coconut oil reduces the risk of razor burn? Sure does!

Coconut oil can help protect and repair skin from the effects of aging thanks to being rich in antioxidants which inhibit oxidization and prevent cell damage .

Fatty acids in coconut oil are what help to moisturize your skin but it also has vitamins A. C. and E.

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How-To Guide

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So here’s the low down to using coconut oil for shaving. The constancy will definitely throw you off at first because it scoops out like a solid but with the warmth of your hands it can quickly turn to liquid so work fast. Keep in mine a little goes a LONG way so use sparingly. Usually beauty gurus say a teaspoon of product can cover a whole leg and the oil doesn’t slide down the drain like shaving cream so no need to reapply.

Please remember to wash your hands before picking up your razor just so you don’t loose grip, remember this is oil and its slick and cutting yourself hurts. Last bit of how to is to make sure this is the last step to your shower routine. You don’t want to risk slipping and sliding or running greasy hands through that freshly clean hair.

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Viva, LouAna, and Green Elephant are my top three favorites. Stay away from glass jars, opting for coconut oil in plastic containers. Trust me, I’ve dropped my jar twice.

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